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Review – LEGO 60134 Fun in the Park

As an “Adult Fan of LEGO” (AFOL) it is easy to become tired of the constant police, fire and adventure-style themes currently flowing down the LEGO City supply line. They’re great for children – no argument, however they are somewhat … Continue reading

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Review – LEGO 6613 Telephone Booth

The 1980s were a great time for the LEGO enthusiast – classic Town was in full swing and you could choose from a wide range of sets that reflected a simple, happy life for our LEGO minifigs. One of these … Continue reading

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Quick LEGO Tip – Sorting Pieces for Assembly

After the excitement of buying a new LEGO set starts to fade, it is reignited when the time comes to assemble your new box of fun. However after opening all the bags at once for smaller sets, or opening the … Continue reading

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