Review – LEGO 60134 Fun in the Park

As an “Adult Fan of LEGO” (AFOL) it is easy to become tired of the constant police, fire and adventure-style themes currently flowing down the LEGO City supply line. They’re great for children – no argument, however they are somewhat repetitive to the adult eye.

So it was great to learn about 60134 Fun in the Park – which contains not only fourteen minifigs, but also some props and other items to make life interesting for all our little LEGO friends:


At first glance this seems like a wholesome set, and with a little imagination the minifigs can go a long way. The back of the box gives you a full representation of the contents:


Sorry for the white patches on the right, they’re the store security tags. Thanks BigW! So without further ago, I ripped the box open which resulted in three bags with three matching books:


Now to get building. Bag one results with:


Note to the pedants out there – the green baseplate is not included. However you can buy them, search for LEGO 10700

Our first minifig is an interesting example – let’s call it “Man in the wheelchair”:


Apparently this is a first for LEGO, and a good idea – not every person in existence enjoys the use of their legs. However he seems pretty happy, and probably dreams about having enough clout to organise international mercenaries into groups to snatch suitcases for terrorist groups.

Next – Mr Hot Dog Vendor (or MHDV for short) – waving a spanner in his hello:


However this is not a spanner, but a tool that’s ideal for serving tubes of hot mystery meat from his cart:


The top of the cart tilts open for access to more contents, and the mustard and tomato sauce dispensers are a nice touch.

Moving along, we now have “business lady” – waiting for a bus…


Might be a long wait, the next bus is coming in the second half of 2017. Nevertheless with a snappy suitcase and fancy hair, life is going well for her. The sign on the bus stop is printed and not a sticker, so will last a few decades at least.

Over in another part of our park, we find a small child who seems to be androgynous:


However they are a very lucky child, thanks to the ride they can spin around on:


Let’s hope they eat after using the ride, not before. Note the small tree which is also included.

And the final chap from bag one is the Careful Cyclist. Careful as they have a helmet – and a light on the front of their bike (but not the rear):


That smile is a bit creepy – what is he so damn happy about? Bicycle ownership? Fair enough. Let’s leave that question for the ages and open up bag two:


The first of the five minifigs in bag two is, quite simply, Ned Flanders:


… and Ned has a girlfriend…


… with whom he can stop and smell the flowers on the park bench:


However not all LEGO people are happy, especially the tradespeople. The following lady is not happy at all about having to paint some fences:


Her overalls are a mess, and it’s probably difficult to do a neat job with that oversized paint roller – however there isn’t much fence to deal with:


Painting is even harder in the park when you have small children running around, and the following pair look innocent, and could be planning all sorts of mayhem:


As an AFOL I really like his shirt, it’s one of two I can think of that hint at LEGO classic space (the other being this guy). Very meta. Her – quite feminine, pre-teen, and a little cutie to break the monotony of roaming adults. But they’re fine … just scoring in the park:


And now for the final bag – number three:


Plenty of activity with the final bag, starting with The Hipster. Beard, flannel shirt – who is most likely a part-time barista and DJs electronic music on the weekend:


He’s enjoying that croissant from work, and teasing the next youngster in the pack who is stuck with a healthy apple:


That’s a large apple, and should keep her busy for a while. However not to stand on ceremony, they can enjoy the picnic table with their best friend (and another tree):


The picnic basket is a fitting accompaniment. The stud on the dog’s back lets you do all sorts of things to the dog, none of which I’ll demonstrate on this site.

Moving on, we have Caretaker Lady – who is most likely contracted to keep the park in order:


Part of her job is to mow the lawn, with her neat little lawnmower:


However all the noise is annoying one of the mothers in the park…


…who is letting her views be known to Caretaker Lady:


And while they’re conversing about the noise of lawn-mowing, the baby has crawled out and on its own:


… however after a few moments it has been put back in his pram:


Wow, that was a lot to go through – however very much worth it. With this set you can create a busy scene in a small area – or scatter the people where they’re needed the most.

For now, my park is between the Corner Deli and the Parisian restaurant:



Looks like we might have a food cart vendor war coming up. The extra white fence pieces are used to protect the inhabitants from a future railway line.

You can order the fence pieces online – from the LEGO store’s Pick-a-Brick, search for design ID 33303; or Bricklink.

A final touch is to add our friend and his public telephone from our last review:


For the curious, leftover parts are shown below – and yours will vary:


Some of the minifigs have alternate faces, and I hid these on purpose so you would still have something new to look forward to after reading this review and buying your own set.

In conclusion, this set is ideal for making your own park scene, or for adding to your collection of contemporary minifigs in your layout. We bought a few and over time expect all the minifigs to be occupied in our town.

LEGO 60134 Fun in the Park has a retail price of $54.99 including GST, and at the time of publication you can get your own for around $42. (Try Shop For Me etc). Remember – and I will often say this – never pay full price for LEGO.

Later in 2017 a new set of minifigs will be released – 60153 “Fun at the Beach”, title self-explanatory. Stay tuned for that review.

Otherwise, that’s all for now, so don’t forget to have fun and build something.

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