Review – LEGO 60150 Pizza Van

Food trucks seem to be all the rage at the moment in the USA, and this mobile food concept has started to creep around the world – we have them here in Australia and perhaps in your part of the world as well.

And the LEGO world is no exception to this new reality (oddly enough) and thanks to set 60150 – Pizza Van – you can add some contemporary food vending to your layout:


At first I wasn’t too keen on this set, however after spending some time during assembly and observation, it is quite interesting and well-crafted.

The set spans two bags and matching instruction books:


… with bag one consisting of:


Forgot to take a photo of the contents of bag number two, so that’s a surprise for you. Nevertheless, this is a fun build – so let’s go!

First, we start with our characters – the pizza chef and the customer [or delivery driver?]:


The customer has a nice umbrella stand and a moped to get about on:


The van itself is a typical build for a utility vehicle from the start:


… however soon the kitchen/galley will take shape:


You can also see the pizza pieces – a full pizza behind the chef, and quarter slices on the umbrella table.

Before we continue, check out these awesome pieces – breadsticks (or chips?), a control panel for the microwave (or a telephone base? EFTPOS?), calculator-style tiles and the soft-drink can tops:


Moving on – time to start building the tools of the galley, including a microwave/pizza oven and servery:


This is paired with the back wall which internally contains the default “every food outlet must have mustard and ketchup” setup:


Now to whack the rest of the cab and the roof on:


In true food truck style, the sides of the truck can swing up and are fitted as so:


My only gripe with this set is the amount of stickers. Being an AFOL I remember a time before stickers, when tiles were printed and lasted forever. However I need to harden up and deal with change, so here we have the stick-on menus:


Now to add the wheels, and off it goes…


If you’re curious, here are my leftover parts. Your parts will vary:


Finally, our pizza van enters the busy park – giving the enthusiastic residents another low cost and carb-laden fast food option:


Probably a bit too close to the garbage truck for my liking, however everyone is smiling so all is well. But for now, have fun and make something.

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