Review – LEGO 6522 Highway Patrol

Now that we have a few people and activity in our LEGO land, there may come the time when trouble rears its ugly head. And thus we introduce the first (of probably too many) police to our happy town – in the form of two police on motorcycles from the 6522 Highway Patrol set:


Image (C) 1987 LEGO Group

These two fine chaps each have their own classic motorcycles, uniforms and that perpetual smile which says “everything is just right in the world”. However in 1986 the Cold war was running hot and rapid population growth was just starting to change the dynamic of our awesome country forever. During all that, we would watch CHiPS every week, which always sprung to mind when looking at this set:

Nevertheless this neat set also included a small public telephone, or perhaps it was just meant to call the police. Either way – a neat addition to any LEGO town and more than welcome. Now enjoy the short time-lapse assembly video I have made for you:

Finally… some real-world action. Here we see our two policemen cruising along the main boulevard… keeping an eye out for hooligans, traffic offenders and socialists:


You can see the police telephone in the background, outside the Parisian Restaurant. And here we see them cruise past the fire brigade, saying hello to fellow emergency workers …


And finally, we see our police in conference with the local “garbage contractors”. One keeps an eye out as the other finalises “business”…


And life goes on. Now we have law and order under control for a while, it will be time to move on to something new next time. But for now, have fun and make something.



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