Review – LEGO 6613 Telephone Booth

The 1980s were a great time for the LEGO enthusiast – classic Town was in full swing and you could choose from a wide range of sets that reflected a simple, happy life for our LEGO minifigs. One of these which is close to my heart is 6613 “Telephone Booth”:


Image (C) 1986 LEGO Group

For those of you born after 1990 the concept of a telephone booth may seem foreign or just silly, however for those of us of a certain age – we used and relied on the ‘phone booth to communicate.

This set resonates with me as we didn’t have the telephone on at home … and thus I would hop on my bike and ride down to the end of the road to talk to someone or just fool around with the telephone.

And when international direct-dial was activated, you could have all sorts of fun calling overseas… the call would just end if you didn’t put any money in, or if you were lucky you would hear “The number you are trying to call is out of service” (etc.) in a foreign language. One quiet afternoon on a Sunday I worked through the entire eastern bloc.

However, I digress. This is a neat little set that would have been at the cheaper end of the price range, and was available in 1986 (according to Brickset). Twenty-four pieces, one minifig with a blue cap – and they’re lucky to have a nice bike with a headlight.

Time lapse:

Thanks to the small red baseplate, you can plant the set anywhere or stamp it neatly in your growing LEGO town. The telephone uses a printed brick, and could be used elsewhere in an office or home situation.

You may want to move the seat apart, as two minifigs just don’t sit neatly together:


This set would also fit in well with the contemporary 60134 “Fun in the Park“, so one of which has found its way there. If you want your own set, check out Bricklink.

I really like this set, not only for the nostalgic value – but for the face it represents a tangible and real part of daily life from the era. The minifig is happy, and harks from a simpler time. Ideal for my 1980s LEGO town… so get ready for plenty more of these set reviews.

However – that’s all for now, so don’t forget to have fun and build something.


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