Quick LEGO Tip – Sorting Pieces for Assembly

After the excitement of buying a new LEGO set starts to fade, it is reignited when the time comes to assemble your new box of fun. However after opening all the bags at once for smaller sets, or opening the larger sets’ bags in numerical order … sometimes pieces will go astray and then all mental hell breaks loose when you look for a crucial part.

However this problem can be solved quickly by sorting pieces into colours or types, and placing them into inexpensive cardboard trays. We found a bunch in a restaurant supply store and they’re perfect for the job – for example:


In the image above I’ve started to assemble Corner Deli 31050. And once you have used up all of a certain colour or type – just remove a tray. This shows progress and reveals what parts you do have left, in a neat and orderly manner:


Until finally … you’re finished. One completed Corner Deli, a few spare parts and none missing:


Happy Days. Now to put the deli in the layout. Stay tuned for a review of the set.

Bonus hint!

If you’ve purchased a new LEGO set and a piece is missing… and after checking that it isn’t on the floor, in the folds of your shirt or in the dog’s paw – you can call or contact LEGO and have a replacement sent to you.

To help LEGO out, make a note of the batch number. This is either printed on the tape that acts as a security seal on the box:


… or stamped into the cardboard towards the corner of the box (very difficult to photograph):


This shows that you really do own a set (!) and helps LEGO identify quality-control issues as they will know when the set came off the production line. The more you help LEGO – the more they can help you.

Anyhow, that’s all for now – so don’t forget to have fun and build something.

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